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As I approach elderhood and look back on my life, I realize I was born to be an artist. My difficulty with verbal communication stimulated my creative vision to open early, and art just had to come flowing out.

In my younger years living in the "Big City" of Los Angeles, I found myself yearning to be in nature and dreamed of living on a tropical island. Years passed and my travels took me to many locations, the most recent being Costa Rica where I now spend my winters. It is there, in the Rain Forest, that I have found my creative rhythm.

As I sit on the porch of my cabina, I connect with the PURA VIDA which surrounds me. A multitude of birds are calling, the cicadas are making their racket, the breeeze is blowing through the leaves carrying the sweet scent of the Ylang Ylang blossoms. In that setting I am able to slow down time: I am at peace. Immersed in the light and atmosphere, I can observe how they interplay with the shapes and colors, highlights and shadows, creating movement and patterns. These have become my portray the pure life of the jungle, the animals, the beaches.

I am grateful at this point in my life to have earned the gift of contemplative time. My hopes are that my images inspire others to travel and to find beauty in nature, and in this small way I can fulfill my role as steward of our planet. So...take a moment, travel in your mind's eye, and be immersed in the PURA VIDA.

Kate Yorke Watercolor Painting