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San Francisco Women Artists Gallery
3489 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94118
Ongoing monthly exhibitions
San Francisco Women Artists is a non-profit organization dedicated to the furtherance of women in the visual fine arts. Since its inception in the late 1880's as a sketch club it has been in continuous operation. In 1924, then known as the Society of Women Artists, it evolved into today's San Francisco Women Artists.

Silver Spoon Restaurant
322 West Miner Street, Yreka California
June through July, 2008.
One Woman Exhibit of 17 Oil Paintings on Canvas and 6 Watercolors on Paper. Most of the 23 paintings in this exhibition represent a body of work completed over a period of about 5 years. The newest pieces have all been painted on location in Costa Rica and express my concerns in a vivid and yet realistic manner. They are filled with the PURA VIDA (pure life) of this tropical paradise which surrounds me as I sit on my porch, translating this awesome beauty onto a flat surface. The viewer will easily be transported to the embrace of the tropical rain forest.

Also included are a few pieces completed for my master’s degree exhibit. I included these works to show how my work has progressed over the years, and to show a certain contrast in style. The earlier works were painted from photographs taken at various locations, and were painted back in California. Although beautiful in their own right, they express less vibrancy than those newer pieces painted on location.

Main Floor Exhibition
211 North Mt. Shasta Blvd. Mt. Shasta, California
August 2008 til present
One Woman Exbibit of 8 Oil Paintings and 3 Watercolors. The Main floor of this Professional Building (formerly the Kellogg Building) contains my most recent oil paintings. The lobby is open 5 days a week, so feel free to stop in and browse at your leisure. Feel free to imagine that you are really in Costa Rica in the rainforest. The other two floors contain the work of Janet Biondi and others.


U.S. Bank
Ashland, Oregon
June-July 2010